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Re: Soviet Hurricanes - where, when, ...?

Originally Posted by yogybär View Post
Hi all, salut Yves (tu est francais?).

Thanks for ths infos. I didn't find the L&L figures in the stat. digest myself... now I have them .

I am especially interested in the dteails about the use of Hurricanes on the "main front", meaning Leningrad & especially South 1942. Which units, losses etc.

BTW: The delivery of 400+ L&L-Hurris in 1944 really shows the disrespect of the British towards their "Allied" partner USSR...

Yves, what you mean about May 2006?

the losses of all plane of russian nothern fleet over 41-44 are here:

Unfortenately, the allied could not be elected by vote. Otherwise the USSR found somebody, who open the second front in the Normandy in 42 or may be 43, what the Stalin demands and even Roosvelt accepted.

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