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Re: Aircraft belly skin, Henschel Hs 129?


I can't say for sure, or even hazard a guess. Assuming drawing accuracy and precision, start with the overall dimensions of the part compared to the major panel sections - running the length of the fuselage - shown in the drawing; perhaps compare rivet patterns also. The part shows what appears to be an access cover (bordered with screws?) (top center) and a cut out opening (bottom right). Do these features connect to the Hs 129? The captive fasteners located on the reoccurring "ridges" at both ends of the part suggest that the panels that matted with this one were removable - another feature to look for on drawings or in service manuals. I am surprised that an airframe subassembly of this size, apparently complete, is not tagged or marked relative to the aircraft type; Henschel, like other German makers, made good use of data plates on such structures.

Collecting data plates (typenschild) and control stick grips (knüppelgriff) from Luftwaffe aircraft.

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