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Re: Luftwaffe Gallery

Hello Neil and ...,

thank you for having started this thread.

I just finished looking at the proofs from the printer. Apparently, this booklet will be very beautiful, especially with the amazing colour photographs never published before and the superb colour artwork by Thierry Dekker , acclaimed as one of the best profiles designers.
We also included some unusual items like a "Gallery" on Luftwaffe tunic lapel badges. All the lapel badges presented in this LuGa 1 are original and come from veterans, like the superb 2./JG 2 laughing sun.
Our hope is to interest modelers too. And, by the way, any help from members of this forum would be welcome: does anyone know shops for modelers to whom I should transmit informations about the new series "LuGa"? Thanks, your support is more than important for our projects.


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