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Re: Georg-Peter Eder Jet ace confirmation?

Originally Posted by Alfred.MONZAT View Post
Are you sure ? Bader was supposedly shot down by Casson of 616 Squadron.

Finucane & co shot down 2 of their own squadron among their 5 victories and their victims were labelled as "shot down by Bf 109s" ? I wonder what specific source(s) the author used to get to this conclusion.
Yes. Comparison of combat reports and other narratives, as well as comparison with German claims and losses. Prety convincing.

Crazy how efficient they were against their own compared against the ennemy. Well back to the subject, claims and losses that don't match, that's not uncommon but I can hardly believe this kind of friendly fire was common.
This is one of the reasons of my doubts concerning GQ6 loss lists. Depending on what one means by common, I have found several such incidents, and one may wonder how many are not identifiable. My wild guess is about 20% to friendly fire.
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