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Re: Georg-Peter Eder Jet ace confirmation?

Originally Posted by Johannes View Post
Hi Guys

Couldn't remember Bader's victor, but the name Cason I believe is correct, I tend to remember numbers better and thirteen kills for Cason.
The name Finuacane also sounds familiar, if I am remembering correctly he was know as "The Irish ace", and was as bad at over-claiming as Badar.

A pilot of JG5(can't recall name) once stated that JG5 thought it had been abandoned to the North, got second hand aircraft, and over-claimed as a matter of routine just to spite, I think this wound not include I./JG5 and I bet not all pilots over-claimed.

Actually there should be no reason why a Gruppe and especially a staffel should claim so much more than another in the same place and time, lets call then super-staffels, but they exist 9./JG52, 6./JG5 and 5./JG54 to name a few.

Anyway back to Eder, guess we can't take Hermann Buchner's word for his honesty, but his claims don't seem to be too they?

Kind Regards

I am inclined to think he was quite good. It's up to you what you personally make of my claims to losses comparison, but I have definitely seen worse than Eder
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