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Re: Georg-Peter Eder Jet ace confirmation?

Hello Nick

Some additions about Eder's "abschusse" from my research

his victim:42-2975(423°Sqd,306°BG) crashed "Port-Louis/Riantec" Quadrat 14 West 48--
Shared (1/6) with Mayer,Knappe,Schnell,Bruno Eder (same family?),Ebert....all these claims in the same Quadrat 14 West 48--

Other two losses crashed in the Quadrat 14 West 59--
42-5078(306°Sqd,305°BG) crashed "Pointe de Tremazan" Landunweg over the sea
41-24449(401°Sqd,91°BG) crashed off Portsall
these two claims by May,Tartsch,Godt,Schmidt:all their claims in the Quadrat 14 West 59--

his victim:BS 247(340°Sqd Free French),OR the other (serial unknown) of 340°Sqd damaged and crashed in England,OR BR 142 (64°Sqd) crashed over the sea off Boulogne during Circus 262.

the Spit of 610°Sqd(EN 896) shot down after 12.00h with 3 Spit of 485°Sqd during Rodeo 168
Claims by Becker,WF.Galland,Naumann,Hoppe

I did not find a claim by Eder this day and no losse of 453°Sqd

No Spit of 313°Sqd:this shot down around 15.00h off Plouha/Plouezec in Bretagne Quadra 14 West N/39--
Claims by Buteweg 14 West N/3917

the victim of Eder is in Normandie ("Le Petit-Quevilly"):340°Sqd Free French
BS 312 Sgt/Chef Paul Hubidos
Shared (1/2) with Glunz (JG26)

42-29537(91°BG) shared (1/2) with Bolz

Impossible,shot down E. of Clayes (10 km of Rennes):Quadrat 14 West/29--

The claim of Eder is in the Quadrat 15 West /3075 (over the sea)

Possible,but also possible EN 128 316°Sqd crashed "Le Havre"
The two (316°Sqd and 118°Sqd) claimed by Eder and Karch

Claims "fanciful,ridiculous":two spit who crashed on three Sherman! and destroyed them!
I will develop more tad.

Best Regards Michel
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