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Re: Luftwaffe Personnel spying for Allies?

Originally Posted by Tony Jones
Over the past few months I have been working through HW 5 files at the PRO. there are many instances of "source" reading papers on people's desks and even taking documents out of briefcases, so there were definetely some spies at work here.

Intelligence officers tell lies, it's a big part of the job! If the Germans ever got to see one of the items that are now in HW5 then they would have tied themselves in knots looking for spies in their own ranks while still happily broadcasting in their breakable code.

As I said the front of each file has pages cross-referencing the various messages to the communications nets they were received from (see attached sample) each of which was given a code name by Beltchley Park.

Re John's comment. I saw recently that there is a book coming out from someone who worked on the Luftwaffe traffic at Bletchley:

Every other one I've read devotes most space to the U-boat war, so this could be interesting.
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