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Re: VVS Statistical Digest, nice but not full and correct

Thanks for the link
Russian have made terrible work, but reading some info I see that in fact there are not correct data and full information. I explaine it using one case for example

Важнейшие датыФинляндияРумынияВенгрияИталияВсегоНа 22 июня 1941 года50650490не было1 10

1. Finland has beed already mentioned, this 506 is total (including Bristoll Bulldog and ect training plane) not combat line. There were about 220 military planes on FAF combat units on June 1941. And one but small correction such data should added after 25 VI 1941. Finland had declared war against Russian on 26 VI 1941 after surpirsed Soviet massive air attack (not declared by Russian as case of war). Most of the bombs hit civil tragets not military.

2. Rumanian had put on 22 VI about 240 comabt planes against Soviet Union, the total amount of military plane was about 670 - all planes including very old and outdatd and not servisable too. This is only airforce which in fact did attack Soviets on 22 VI 1941.

3. Hungary - 90. Strange?. I do not know how this come from?
Hungarian Air Deatachment had used about 30-50 planes during the 1-st Hungarian army tour on the East in 1941, In total could bu that Hungarian had used about 90-100 planes between 27 VI till IX 1941.
And last but not least. Hungary had declared war against Soviet on 27 VI 1941 (after strange air attack of unknow planes - bombers and figters). So on 22 VI 41 is better for Hungary "0" as it was still neutral state, not combat country.

I have seen more some mishaps in other data, if concerning VI 1941, anyway thanks for this info for Russian, which is very informative and if one man know other he/she can easly can correct this..

Mirek Wawrzyński
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