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Re: VVS Statistical Digest, nice but not full and correct

Originally Posted by Mirek Wawrzynski
Hungarian Air Deatachment had used about 30-50 planes during the 1-st Hungarian army tour on the East in 1941.
Approximately 50 Hungarian warplanes were in the area of the front line in late June 1941.

And last but not least. Hungary had declared war against Soviet on 27 VI 1941 (after strange air attack of unknow planes - bombers and figters). So on 22 VI 41 is better for Hungary "0" as it was still neutral state, not combat country.
That is correct. Many people forget that Hungary got involved in the anti-Soviet war only four days after 'Operation Barbarossa' started, following repeated Soviet air incursions and attacks against Hungarian territory and targets.

The only Axis country that was involved in the anti-Soviet war from the very beginning - besides the Germans, of course - was Rumania.
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