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Re: VVS Statistical Digest

Some points from my side:

1) Afaik, this is the first time that figures about bombers/fighters/sturmo/etc and even model-fine figures are given incl. servicability. Let's praise this!

2) When talking about Tran- & SanAP as well as Aeroflot as "missing", please keep in mind that (medical) transports and Lufthansa are also not counted in german OOB's.

3) Why do you discuss the "spy data" about axis Air power, which for sure must be the least exact of all this data? These pages are meant to show the soviet side... I can find it interesting, how the USSR overestimated FI, RO and HU. Maybe that shows a conservative approach within that espionage organization and/or its inefficiency.

Coming back to 1)

a) I wonder where all the 8700 Pe-2's which were produced have gone (wartime figure).
b) La7: Same thing... only <400 in service on 1.1.45...
c) P39 had a very high servicability in comparison to soviet types in 1945
Also, I find it sad that for 1944, no type-specific data is give. Anyway, I am happy about this huge amount of data, even if it is difficult to digest / compile for my purpose.
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