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Re: Announce: Book K.Gr. z.b.V. 102

Hi Larry,

Originally Posted by Larry deZeng View Post
The II./KG z.b.V. 1 book was written by Georg Schlaug? ... Can you tell me on what page his name as the author appears?
I'm glad you asked because my earlier post was a bit misleading. Georg is actually listed on the title page as the book's compiler/editor (see attached image.) A subsequent page (p.11) lists all the writers plus the contributors of documents and photos, so it was very much a team effort. It's a rather distinguished list with many well-known names, incl. Balke, Kössler, Ott, Petrick, Radinger, Schlaug and Weber.

Originally Posted by Larry deZeng View Post
I didn't know about the II./KG z.b.V. 1 book. I have the Kameradschaft title, so I guess I had better take another look?
I think I can save you some time here -- it's one and the same book! The title on the cover reads "Geschichte einer Transportflieger-Gruppe im II. Weltkrieg", but on the title page it reads "Die II. Kampfgeschwader zur besonderen Verwendung 1, 1938-1943, umbenannt in II. Transportgeschwader 1". It's confusing as all heck because some booksellers list the book by its cover title, and others list it by the one on the title page. That's how I ended up with two copies... :-)

Hope that helps,
Leon Venter
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