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color accuracy

Hi Mike
IMHO you canīt state a color and especially a color chip more or less "exactt" because of the following reasons (some of those come from the Luftwaffe Experten Messegae Board IIRC):
1. Color perception is not objective i.e. everybody "sees" a slightly different color. This applies to a comparison of different color chips, too.
2. As Merrick states a 100% accuracy in production and preparation of a color is not possible over different production runs.
3. After about 60 Years color changes. Even if recreateted using the forma formula color cannot be 100% exact because of slight differences in the production process and the raw materials.
4. In modelling you can only achieve color accuray (by strict adherence to a color sample of the original) OR the correct "look" (by accounting for the scale effect) but not both!
5. I for myself have seen only photographs or restorated LW a/c - and thus cannot judge any color accuracy, which would only be possible if I had the chance to compare color chips with those paints that where actually applied.

For all these reasons it isnīt realistic to state that ANY color samples are 100% correct or incorrect. BUT: The color chips in LWCM are printed in a usable dimension, form (as a detachable set) and seem to be well researched. They even reproduce the style of color cards...
Thus i believe that these color-cards CAN be referred to as the "best" up to now - but thats just my impression - everybody is free to have a different one...
Use this colors as a sample - who is able to PROVE they are wrong (except color 28 of course ;-) )?
All the best
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