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Need confirmation of some pilots in 4./JG 51 in early 1940


I'm trying to put together the complete roster for 4./JG51 during 1939-40. When Lt. Johann Böhm was shot down over England 8.7.40, he was carrying a diary from which RAF intelligence was able to extract the individual a/c numbers, a/c types, W.Nr.s and assigned Staffel pilots at some unspecified period prior to the time of Böhm's capture. It appears that these date back to earlier in the year, possibly into the late winter of 1939 or early spring of 1940. One of the pilots listed is an Uffz. Busler. I think that this may be an error in deciphering the handwriting for Uffz. (Ernst) Buder, who was POW on 16.8.40. There are also listings for "Uffz. Lebsanft" and "Uffz. Blascyk." Can anyone clarify if these latter pilot listings are correct, or perhaps are mispellings of pilots with other names? All the other pilots listed are identifiable during the 1940 period.

Those accounted for on the list other than the above are: Oblt Fözö, Fw Illner, Uffz Lenz, Lt Böhm, Uffz Bubenhofer, Fw John, Fw Tornow and Fw Hübner. One aircraft is crossed off with no pilot listed. Another, the aircraft assigned to Uffz Bubenhofer, is also crossed off the list.

Also, does anyone know when Obfw. Willi Gasthaus was assigned to the unit? He isn't listed. Also, does anyone know when Lt. Erich Hohagen joined 4 Staffel? It appear that he may have been assigned to the unit when it was formed back in 1939, but he isn't accounted for on this list.

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