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Re: VVS operations 6-8 may & 8-10 june 1943, claims and losses.

And another (of 2) raid on 10 june 1943.

1 raid to attack airfields Kharkov and Mikoyanovka (~4:15)

12 x Il-2 (leader Yankin, 66 shap) with close escort of 12 x La-5 (leader Kap. Matviyenko, 297 iap)
12 x Il-2 (leader Kozlenko, 673 shap), 12 x Il-2 (leader Stepanov, 800 shap), 12 x Il-2 (leader Chernetzov, 820 shap) with escort of totally 36 fighters from 4 iak.

Fighter sweep: 29 La-5, task to block Rogan' airfield.
Road to target:

no enemy fighters, weak AAA fire. No claims and losses.

Over the target:
Kharkov airfield - 66 shap+673 shap: destr. ~35 aircrafts, 4 x Flak, 1 hangar, 1 building, 17 explosions.

Makoyanovka airfield - 800 shap + 820 shap: 3 x Flak, 5 x Bf109, 9 cars, 2 ammodepots.
5 x Il-2 (800 shap & 820 shap) were damaged by AAA fire, returned to base.

Road from target to home bases:

Groups was intercepted by large group of Bf109's.

Il-2 (Ml.Lt. Odarchenko, 820 shap) shot down by Bf109, crashed at area Bol'shiye Baiki;
Il-2 (Ml.Lt. Levchenko, 66 shap) shot down by Bf109, MiA;
Il-2 (Ml.Lt. Kindarjan, 66 shap) shot down by Bf109, crashed at area Bely Kolodetz;

Bf109 shot down by La-5 (Kap. Korol'kov, 297 iap), crashed near village Ziborivka.
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