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Re: VVS operations 6-8 may & 8-10 june 1943, claims and losses.


Concerning 8.6.1943 raid to Secha:
12-24IL-2 claimed vs. 12 admitted
18-31 fighter vs. 11 admitted
min numbers for timeframe, max numbers include claims w/o daytime

Concerning 10.6.1943 raid to Secha:
Claims by JG51:
8-12 Pe-2 claimed vs. 9 admitted by VVS
31-34 IL-2 claimed vs. 7 admitted by VVS (from them 3 flak)
8-13 fighter claimed vs. 6 admitted by VS
Minimum numbers for claim-times between 19:13 and 19:49, max numbers incl. claims w/o daytime
Additionally 2 IL-2 claims by Hauptmann Hermann, 3./ZG1

Concerning 10.6.1943 raid to Charkov:
Claims by II./JG3:
3 IL-2 claimed vs. 3 admitted by VVS
3 LaGG5 claimed vs. nul admitted by VVS
in area 61 6xx

PS: Might be corrected later on...
Liebe Grüsse, yogy
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