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Re: VVS operations 6-8 may & 8-10 june 1943, claims and losses.

Originally Posted by Nokose View Post
Hptm Hermann 3/ZG1 shows on Tony Woods list Il-2 m.b. [Il-4] 19:25 and Il-4 19:33. Oblt Hermann Luecke 9/JG51 claims four Il-4 from 19:16-19:25. Il-4 is a two motor bomber. Does anyone have losses for JG51 for the claims made by the VVS?
Nokose, there are ca. 300 IL-4, -5 and -7 in that list, all in 1943. I personally interprete these as IL-2m.H. (with reargunner).
1) There were names like this given by Luftwaffe for IL2-2seater
2) Nearly all of these claims are at altitudes <1.000m. And I am sure Soviets would NOT use IL-4 so low.
3) IL-4 was mostly used in NBAPs (Night Bombers)
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