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Latest changes and short term plans

As you might have noticed I've been shuffling again.

Hopefully this will be the last major shuffle for some time to come.

I've removed the Guest Forum completely, those who want to register have done so, the trickle of new posts has not been enough to warrant the extra fragmentation. The present material was moved into the main discussion area.

The advertisement has been moved inside the Community section and has been reset as to require registration to post. Its a means to help the community find or sell items.

The effort to register is small, the poster becomes more accountable for his actions.

So as of today this forum is registration only.

The Review forum has been moved into the Discussion section, depending on your wishes/activity it might stay there or be intergrated into the main discussion forums.

Personally I like having a separation of reviews and general discussions, but 12 O'Clock High revolves around its community, so your wishes do count!
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