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Re: JG 2 Vol. II - Mombeek/Roba


thanks a lot to Jim who wrote a very nice review of JG 2 vol. 2. I'm very happy that he found much to enjoy in our latest work.
I should say that of the 20 or so books I've published this volume is one of the best printed ever. Thierry Dekker, the profile artwork artist (who I think is one of the very best), said that he had never seen his profiles so well reproduced.

This is maybe one of the reasons - along with the photo & text content - why this title has been awarded "coup de coeur de l'année" which is fairly significant in the French- speaking aviation enthusiasts' world.

Regarding the other points here, yes, the French market remains very small and does not attract great sales. So, I have followed your advice and will soon be knocking on the big door of the English speaking world...

As you can see on, the English editions of JG 2 (Vol 1) and JG 4 (Vol 1) are planned for March 2009...

I hope these will enjoy a wider readership.

Best regards


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