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Re: Hartmann: claims vs. victories

I think Hans-Ulrich Rudel's (Stab./SG 2) 355-360 Pz Absch on November 1, 1944 can be confirmed - at least partially. Records say, that 2 Ukr. Front, 2 Guards Mech. Corps, 37 Guards-Tank Brigade lost 6 burned (incl. Gv.Ml.Lt. Afanasii Ivanovich Terenin's), and 1 KOd T-34/85 tanks at Lajosmizse-E, around Bartal farm at Budapest-SE. 4 GvMK, 352 GvTSAP lost Ford-6 Willys truck (No.'52').

In a few days, the following T-34/85s were repaired in 37 GvTBr, - probably including that KOd tank on November 1st:

C 105
C 113
C 114
C 129
C 132
C 134

Other repairs in 2 GvMK:

24 Guards-Tank Regiment: T-34/85, chassis No.: 4060938
251 Guards Self-prop. Art. Reg.: SU-85, chassis No.: 405170

On German side s.Pz.Abt 503 lost Kingtiger (Tiger B) '200' (Obltn. Brodhagen, KIA) on November 1, 1944 in the very same area.

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