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Re: The Eagle From The Tundra And The Strafing Kid

Hi Edward,
I was happy to help . I remember the weather vividly at Wendover - it was cold and rainy the whole time we were there. In fact when we went to the studio on the first day of signing we couldn't believe what we saw - a line of people over a block long standing in the rain waiting for the studio to open and meet us. Wendover is a small town in mid England about 90 miles north of London. It was the last time we were together; shortly after (Spring of 2011) Walter had a mild stroke and moved from Hamburg/SAAR to a nursing home in Otterndorf, Ge. where he could be close to his daughter. As for working on the computer his daughter helped him a lot. As far as my record is concerned I started my combat at 19 yrs old flew 49 missions with 269 combat hours; destroyed 5 aircraft on the ground and 1 in the air (Walter), as well as destroying a variety of locomotives, trains and other ground targets. Shot down, captured ,POW, escaped from Lukenwalde (stalag iii) joined a Russian tank unit coming out of Berlin and fought with them to Wittenberg on the Elbe.

Walter was a great friend and a real Gentleman; I admired him greatly and do miss him.

My best, Joe
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