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Re: Losses of KG 51 on 22.06.41

Regarding the loss places, one may test the Volksbund database online:

For example for this loss:
22-Jun-41, , Ju 88A-5, 5245, Böhm, Oblt. Gerhard, , KG 51, , 9., gelbe G, 9K+GT, , , KIA with crew, cause unknown., Bo Gefr. Karl-Heinz Arens, Bf Uffz. Franz Lykar & Bs Gefr. Alois Bobinger, , Lfl.4/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #3)-Vol.5, , Tarnopol, 100%, F

The death place of Oblt Gerhard Böhm is listed as 1 km n.w. Worona 18 km S.O.Stanislau, of Gefr. Karl-Heinz Arens as 1 km N. Warona, of Uffz. Franz Lykar as "B. Tarnopol, 1 km N.W. Worona" and of Gefr. Alois Bobinger as "Otyma 1km N.W. Worona 18 km S.O. Stanislau b. Tarnopol".

The next step will be to find the real place name, and how it is written in Polish rather in German.
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