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Re: Losses of KG 51 on 22.06.41 not near Lvov

Thanks for this information, but it is difficoult to find, area of operation of KG 51 (I, II, III, + Stab, about 80 JU 88 ) only according place of crash on 22.06.41.

I think agai,n that airfileds, which were under attack of Ju 88s of KG 51 were not in the Lvov airfield's ring, but more on the south-east (like near Stanisławów, Tarnopol).

The losses were done by fighters from 64. IAD, and units had attacked (Polish names): Stryj, Buszow, Trembowla, Chodorów, Lisice (place of airfiled 64. IAD's regiments), which were set up near towns like: Tarnopol (where was field headquater of command South-Wester Front too), Stanisławów.

In my opinion these high losses could not be atributed to the fighters from Lvov area. There is very often given as there were sustained after attack on Kurovice airfiled (where was other regiment). It is false and wrong information.

Second: may you know the time of these losses. There were not sustained during one mission but during the two, dane versus two differen airfield location: 12. IAP and 149. IAP (I think so?)?

To Reiner. I think that there were dropted not only SD 2 but were other larger bombs too. For example the load of destroyer Me 110 were mixed as 96 SD 2 plus a few next SC 50 or SC 250 used agains airfileds.

SD 2 was too small to inflicted more real damage agains runway. It could be mixed armament, Ju 88 could carry such mix bombs load too.

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