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Unique VVS performance in 1941

Due to a Intel mishap at the German side , Gen.Kurt von Briesen was killed on 20.11.1941 near Kharkov when his car was straffed by two Soviet fighters
obviously well briefed by their intel , the pilots cut their engines off , then glided powerless down to 50 meter thus avoiding early detection, restarted
the engines when close to his car, obviously killing him point blank and mortally injuring two other officers .

This is a unique Soviet airmanship performance which fully contradicted German propaganda's myth generalising Russian pilots as incapable
and poorely trained .I 'm not familiar with anything smilar at the allied side during WWII ..does anyone knows the pilots names
or their Sdq numbers ?

A few months earlier the 210 BAP and 211 BAP equipped with SU-2 relocated from Bessarabia and Ukraine to Kharkov North ...there's
a possibility of their involvement into this incident. Russian side is silent about this and I am not aware of any names or awards.

The SU-2 Polkas were at that time secret units manned by elite pilots,eventhough the SU-2 had a lot of manufacturing issues...
Though the R-5 or PO-2 due to ability to better glide and maintain lower speeds during glide may have been chosen on that missiom.

PS : Lufwaffe started too to target Russian personalities from the air some of which
succeeded ..though none of these were with power cut off .

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