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Re: Trying to find Serial number of P-40/325th FG/ 317th FS lost on July 10th 1943

Frank, thank you for your reply. It's very detailed and appreciated.

Lone Tiger, a P-40 flown by Major William R. Reed, was a P-40 of the 317th FS, and had the distinctive shark mouth nose-art of the Flying Tigers.

I made a mistake in my earlier post, and you have clarified it. Major William R. Reed's uncle was indeed William Norman Reed, an Ace of the Flying Tigers in China, with 10.5 Victories.

William R Reed, was the CO of the 317th and as you point out (in brilliant detail, thanks), he did have two victories to his credit.

I would assume the second plane he flew would also carry the Shark-mouth markings, and I am waiting to hear (hopefully) if the Fuselage number he used is recorded somewhere.

Initial detail is that it was number 19...but un-confirmed.

If there is any other source available to reference from, I'd appreciate any help.

Thank again for your quick and detailed input.

Yours, Neil
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