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Re: TA-152 in JG 301 ?

For what its worth, I can give some of the content of a letter from Ob.d.L. General der Jagdflieger dated Berlin-Kladow 20.03.1945 concerning the future conversions for all Jagdgruppen (Rüststandentwicklung in den Verbänden).
In this document, the only units to receive the Ta 152 was the J.G.301.
I./J.G.301 was to convert from FW 190A-9/R-11 via FW 190D-9/R-11 to Ta 152.
The same was the case for II./J.G.301. The III./J.G.301 had already converted fully to the Ta 152 and was to remain with this type. At this stage the IV./J.G.301 had been disbanded.
The J.G.11 was to convert as follows:
I./J.G.11 from FW 190A-8 and A-9 to Fw 190D-9.
II./J.G.11 from Bf 109G-10 to Bf 109K-4
III./J.G.11 from FW 190A-8 and A-9 to FW 190D-9.
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