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Re: Karl Waterbeck KG 40 Fw 200 and He 177

There are some dreadful errors in this book. On the same page it talks of an Uffz Ozud Abollig and Uffz Rudolf Melbig on 1 May 42. There was nobody called Abollig in the crew (nor, I would think, in the Luftwaffe) whilst Melbig was Helbig. As to Fritham, there were 4 Condors, 3 of which came from 3./KG 40 and were flown by Hptm Bernhard Jope, Fw Karl Waterbeck and Oblt Rudolf Heindl. There was no such officer called Maj Dazera but there was an Edmund Daser. Fritham and the accounts of all 3 pilots are in my forthcoming book
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