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B-17 loss to night fighter

I'm hoping that someone can help here. I had the pleasure of meeting a B-17 pilot last week. He was a Pathfinder flying a B-17G with PFF. On the morning of 22 Mar 44 they were enroute to another UK base to lead that Group for the days mission. On final approach, when the throttles were advanced and the turbo superchargers cut it producing flames from the exhaust, they were shot down by a German night fighter. They crash landed and the tail gunner was killed. They counted over 400 holes in the aircraft. I would be interested if any German night fighters filed a claim for this event. I have also heard that it may have happened on 22 May 44 but I'm sticking with the March date. I know what base they were landing at but the name escapes me at this time. Any help? Thank you.
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