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Re: Seeking into on the use of Stab symbols on 1940 Bf110s from the Stab elements of NJG1


Thanx for your information and comments. Ehle's a/c with II./NJG1 is one of the aircraft I'd like to profile, so photos of a/c that could be backdated to the end of 1940, are possibly very helpful.

In the meantime, it is certain that II./NJG1 Stab a/c carried chevrons and standard Stab symbols, probably from the very beginning, because essentially the aircrews came from I./ZG76, and they brought their aircraft directly from their previous group directly into II./NJG1. These Bf110Cs and Ds already carried Stab symbols from their service with I./ZG76, and kept using these markings, even after the crews eventually got new a/c. Initially, these aircraft began flying in NJG1 in the markings they carried in their original ZG units, ie. Luftwaffe day fighter camouflage for "C" and "D" aircraft, but with codes changed to "G9." What is crucial to doing an accurate series of profiles of these early night fighters is to know when these aircraft received their all-black night camouflage schemes. At present, that is a mystery to me, although it was very likely to have been sometime late in 1940 or early in 1941.

Apparently, neither the Geschwaderstab, nor the Stabs of I and III Gruppe carried similar markings. Apparently II./NJG2 also carried them, but this unit was not formed until Sept., 1941, so this is irrelevant to the EoE Project.

Who has further information and/or photos that might help settle or illustrate these issues?
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