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Re: Last Do 24s from Aviolanda/Fokker and SNCAN

Thank you, Stig, for your data.
In a former post SNCAN-Nos from 53 to 57 (WNr 1156 to 1160) were listed in the aforementioned report from Dec 1945. Do you mean this report desribes the status from September '45?
This could be the case because 1157 was completed in mid-June and SNCAN was scheduled to a delivery rate of 6 FBs per month and those D 24s might have been in the hangars in different stages of completion.
Andrus' report tells a very descriptive reason for France's aeronautical efforts after the liberation: Primary to keep the industry going and not to lose the worker´s skills. Secondary to equip the French Airforce and 3rd for a potential export. 2 and 3 failed because Germany did not provide state-of-the-art technoloy which had been developed in the Reich. After the war the world market was flooded with planes with old (= non-jet) technology. Now it becomes evident why France so eagerly was interested to gain modern German technology developed in Southern Germany (Do 335s and He 162s).
Hopefully our french friend can provide a report which Do 24s were semi-finished at Sartrouville in July 1944. Germany did this after capturing the Dutch Aviolanda production in May 1940 - the Do 24N-1 examples.

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