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Question weird incident involving P47 and 'friendly fire'

While looking for info on P-47 operations in the South, I found this piece of intriguing info. Does anyone know any details, name of the unfortunate pilot, unit, anything? Thanks in advance!

"Courageous acts weren't limited to action in the air. On the 29th of April 1944, an American pilot flying a P-47 Thunderbolt mistakenly strafed Cutella airfield obviously thinking it was a German base. At thetime, L.A.C.s S. Reginald (Slim) Moore and K. M. Harris were servicing a Kittyhawk in the dispersal bay next to two other Kittyhawks that already had bombs loaded. Bullets from the P-47 set one of the Kittyhawks alight but before the flames spread, these two men, ignoring the possibility of the bomb exploding, unshackled it and rolled it clear of the burning aircraft. Then they taxied the other two Kittyhawks away from the fire. By doing so they may have saved a fire-holocaust in the dispersal area. Sadly, the distraught American who'd made the mistake, committed suicide the following day by deliberately crashing his aircraft shortly after he'd left the Squadron where he had attended with his Commanding Officer to make formal apology for his action."

Btw, I don't want to kick up a row about 'friendly fire' issue - just need more facts
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