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Re: Friendly attack on Blenheim


Not too sure I get the piont of your post.

39 Squadron was based at Sheikh Othman, Aden in May 1940. Their first offensive mission was on 12th June against the Italian airfield at Diredawa. 94 Sqn was also based at Sheikh Othman, although it did send detachments to East Africa when required.

The following is an extract from my research into 94 Sqn.

'On the 28th June an order came through detailing 94 Squadron to carry out an attack on the fuel dumps at Macaaca (Masaala) using incendiary ammunition. In order to carry out this attack the Squadron had to land at the forward airfield on Perim Island. Two Gladiators, N2279 and N2294, flown by Sqn Ldr Wightman and Plt Off Carter, and a Blenheim from 39 Squadron took off and flew up the Red Sea and successfully attacked the fuel dumps before the defending fighters could interfere. Later on in the day three more Blenheims from 39 Squadron raided the same base where they destroyed a bomb dump.'

In July the squadron took part in numerous operations often in the company of 94 Sqn Gladiators.

In November 1941 39 Sqn were ordered to proceed to Egypt.

So the two squadrons did operate together for a about 6 months. There is also a photo in the book that shows a 94 Sqn Glad with 39 Sqn Blenheims.

The incident on the 8th August between 39 Sqn and 94 Sqn probably did happen. Again I am looking for details of the two 94 Sqn pilots involved.

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