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Re: Need help finding some serials and codes - post war accidents in/off Norway

Originally Posted by atckyrre View Post
Very much appreciated, Paul. Now, to find time for all the planes I want to build ...

I wasn't sure if you saw this prior thread on the board, but it has some interesting info on the NATO operation in which my Great Uncle died (, including mention of a Norwegian news article that you may be in a better position to track down.

For your modeling purposes, I'm attaching four pictures. The first two are of VF171 Banshees on the FDR. The first picture looks to have been taken from FDR's island/bridge and is of planes parked on the deck during the storm the day prior to my Great Uncle's accident. The weather looks horrendous and the planes are tied down. The second is a more placid picture from deck level that should give you a good idea of the paint work on the front ends and undersides of the wings of these Banshees.

The final two pictures are from the official report on my Great Uncle's accident. The first shows his plane as it traveled down the deck and began to cant to the port side of the deck. The last picture shows the plane nose down and inverted seconds before it hit the water. In this last picture you can clearly see the a/c number (111) on the top of the starboard wing as well as the white tip of the tail, which you can also see on some of the aircraft in the first two pictures.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
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