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Robert Taylor prints for sale

I have quite a few Robert Taylor prints, amongst others. Too many in fact.
I have 4 Zemke's Wolfpack. (I'm a 56th FG fan)
3 are mine owned from new never framed stored flat in sleeves 1 was framed still very good, especially reframed.
295 new one 195 the other.
2 Hurricane Force again as new, never framed mine from new, sell one for 295

Hartman Tribute, as I have one conservation framed.
Minor marks on white border but perfect framed, comes with brochure 295.

Others I may sell if interested not sure on price yet...wife on my case! So selling my spares first.
Some of the more sort after ones.....
William Philips, Artists proof, (of 100 not the regular (1000) The Hunter Becomes The Hunted
Robert Taylor, Broken Silence
Robert Taylor Fourth Fighter Patrol
Lancaster Under Attack with number matching book.
Frank Wootton Aldertag Artists proof (of 100) not the regular of (1500)

All with COAs some with sales brochures/flyers.
Happy to supply any photos and ship in acid free paper packed art tubes.
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