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Changing Times

Some 73 years ago the world celebrated the victory over fascism.

This was followed by the war crimes trials where some claimed that when they either tortured or gassed prisoners they were only following orders.
They were found guilty and paid the price of their crimes.

Now some 73 years later the american president has said that torture is OK.
The possible new CIA leader it is reported supports torture .
Americans interviewed for TV say that it is OK to torture if america is threatened.

The British has problems with the windrush generation.
Its government say that they are sorry and will correct it.

Those who process these unfortunate people are also saying that they were only following the government rulings and are therfor they are not to be blamed.
Why did they not question these orders and speak out against them ?

Seems to be a similar story to that put forward by those SS people in post war Europe 73 years ago.

Where are the voices of reason and sanity in our countries or of their leaders ?
Why are they not speaking out against this new version of fascism ?

Even Israel is deporting human rights people.

Just were is the world going in the 21st century ?

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