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Hello and 1st enquiry

Hello, Ladies and Gents here,

glad to be here again as a member, i was some recent years ago here.
Thanks Admin and others envolved to allow me to "take off" here.

If anyone may shed some light to this LW-loss about which unit/pilots claimed this bird is mostly welcome:

Ju 188 E-1, call-sign A3+LD, W.-Nr. 260399, 4./I./KG 200, non-operational transfer-flight, shot down by allied fighters on 2.2.1945 close to Marjoß, whole crew perished: Ofw. Siegfried Rausch (Pilot), Ofw. Phillip Segeth (WO), FW. Lothar Klein (Nav.), Fw. Valentin Heinz (Bordmech.) and Fw. Max Friedel (Gunner). With the exception of Siegfried Rausch all are buried at cemetary Schlüchtern.

Thanks to all for their attention and interest
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