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Douglas PD-1 A-7998 February 16, 1934

This aircraft had an accident in Hawaii February 16, 1934
- The aircraft can be seen from a 2016 posting I made below

Coming back to this 4 years later, as I was trying to ID the last 2 members of crew of 6 who bailed out

L A Bowen is
Aviation Machinist's Mate, 3rd Class Laurence Arthur Bowen

By 1940 he was using Lawrence Arthur Bowen but he was in Census and US Navy by this name

"Aviation Chief Machinist's Mate C P May" is a bit more of an issue - I think he was actually "Charles Bekkeas May" and in newspaper reports it was mistaken

I wonder of the accident report has anything different?

for completeness rest of crew were

Lieut. (jg) Allan Gaston Gaden
Aviation Machinist's Mate, 1st Class Tillman Perry Goley
Aerographer 1st Class William ‘Willie’ Leslie Gruber
Aviation Chief Machinist's Mate Simon Dedrick Kamrar

Many thanks Paul
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