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Re: Air Battles over the Baltic 1941: The Air War on 22 June 1941 - The Battle for Stalin's Baltic Region

Originally Posted by mars View Post
Interesting, vast majority of books published by Helion have very high degree of quality, but that company had an unpleseant habit of skipping the promised publish date, I really wish this time Helion would make an exception
I would agree that Helion does make some great books. I've learned over the years that the publishing dates they provide are not to counted on. I too was waiting for "Storm on a Sunny Day" to be published and watched the date change and change and change again. After communicating with the company, I was informed that publication is now cancelled. From following up with them on another title that kept slipping in time, I learned that they list titles as upcoming and then see what preorders they get. Not enough and publication is cancelled or delayed indefinitely. So while I enjoy and have bought many of their books, I've learned not to get my hopes up when I see a book in their "upcoming books" list.
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