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Re: 12.08.40, RAF claims at Portsmuth/Ventnor

THX for info!

1. Are there also any RAF fighters with "damaged" status?
2. What were the claims of RAF?

Some info:

From a book of John Vasco, "Zerstorer v.1":

"... I./ZG2, II./ZG76, III./ZG76 participated".

I have claims for all three Gruppen on that mission.

Also, from Ludwig v.Eimannsberger book, it states that V.(Z)/LG1 flew that mission too, and "Spitfire attack on bombers was break off". It is sounds logically, as V.(Z)/LG1 was subordinated to ZG76 and flew as its "I Gruppe". And as far as I know, this raid was without claims and losses for Gruppe.

Result it:
Bf110 claimed not less than 9 british fighters down (I have not full claims for I./ZG2).
Most notable loss: Gr.Kdr. of I./ZG2, Hptm.Hans-Peter Kulbel.
JG53 pilots claimed 8 fighters.
Most notable loss: Gr.Kdr. of III./JG53, Hptm. Harro Harder.
KG51 - I have 8 a/c lost during a raid. Is it a mistake?
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