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Talking Re: He219 and Flugzeug Überführungsgeschwader 1

Hello Rod,

Marvelous! If you were a girl and not living down under, I could kiss you. These sort of gems are really most helpful:
1) because of the Stkz. We did know that the KZ+Ux range had to be sought somewhere among He219 A-7's but not exactly where.
2) because of the date: we know of several deliveries of Stkz. with dates > now that this Stkz. has a Werkenummer identity, a fair educated guess will reconstruct yet another part of the production
3) though 'Vorbach-Beugreven' doesn't ring a bell, it might well be that 'bei Greven' was meant which is not far from Münster-Handorf, where the I./NG 1 was stationed
4) the amount of damage of this 310210 is not much, so I will check my database if the plane returns in later records.

Now that you see what one single Ultra message can do, don't hesitate to send me the 1944 entries too!!!

MANY THANKS, I am really appreciating this jewel of information. All the best,

airfield Venlo in WW-2, I./NJG 1, He219-project
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