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Re: RLM 64 and the Junkers Ju 52???

Hi All,

Modeldad, you have missed the point. My intention was to show that that the schemes mentioned do not appear in official documents or displayed in formal painting schemes- we are reliant on other data, some of which is supported by real evidence such as good colour photographs, aircraft remains or intelligence reports (these are sometimes not worth very much). The authors you mentioned are not wrong or mistaken but at some point started with a hypothesis about a colour scheme (e.g the familiar 71/02 fighter colours) based on data such as b/w photos and then proceeded to track down supporting evidence - successfully in many but not all instances.

This only parallels the process that I have been trying to do - my hypothesis is based on considered examination of photographic evidence supported by a small body of camouflage theory, dating evidence etc. Whether it can ever be confirmed (finding of official documentation, good colour photographs, aircraft remains, contemporary painting/sketch etc ) is not really something I have control over and it is not that important. I just hope that my post gets people to think and keep vigilant.

Kia ora

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