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Frontreparaturbetrieb GL 2565 Junkers

Need confirmation this was located at Kalinowka, Ukraine, or if it was sub-branch from other FRB.

Need statistis on how many aircraft were "processed" there, for Luftflotte 4, Hungary and Romania. Also when it was established and when closed, how large it was (personell employed) and if docīs on this FRB exist in the BArch or elsewhere.

5776 Ju 88 A-4 Frontreparaturbetrieb GL 2565 Junkers (Lw.Befh.Mitte) Non-OPS (S) engine failure and crash (100%) at Kalinowka 23.08.1943 (F Ofw. Fritz Giehl of Flg.Sonderkommando Ob.d.L killed) (ref: GQM losses.)

All info greatly appriciated.

Best regards
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