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Re: Junkers 252 RH+DC in Tápiószentmárton KG200 secret mission?


The plane in question was Ju 252 V2 BH+DC, which was a Junkers factory transport throughout its career. With Flugkapitän Rupprecht Wendel as pilot it had flown on 17 July 1944 from Dessau via Vienna-Aspern and Belgrade-Semlin to Athens-Eleusis where Junkers was running a repair and maintenace shop on behalf of RLM GL/C. On 18 July BH+DC flew from Eleusis via Budapest-Ferihegy to Mathiasfeld (sic) arriving there at 15:36 hrs. and staying overnight. On 19 July BH+DC departed from Matthiasfeld at 10:48 hrs. for Ferihegy again and staying there until 21 July when the plane returned via Vienna-Aspern back to Dessau. Obviously this is somehow matching for your photo.

There was nothing secret or mysteriuous on this plane - it was mainly used for transporting spare parts and experts from one Junkers site to another.


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