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Re: NEW BOOK - Fw 190 D Camouflage & Markings - Pt. 1


For the moment , nothing really is planned for a book on Ta 152 . As you know preparing such an issue is a project spread on several years . I have personnally , other project in mind regarding Luftwaffe , but let me time to elaborate them to reach the same level we achieve with the books on Fw 190D-9.

It is sure that there are similarities between camouflage and markings of Fw 190D-9 and Ta 152 ones , simply first because the machines were produced in the same factories at the same time .

The idea is nice , but first we will concentrate on Fw 190D-9 , and especially on volume II . JaPo will then decide what will be the next publications . Some others are being to be prepared , that is what I can say to you .

All the best

Eric Larger
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