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Question Re: British Second-Line Aircraft lost in France Sept. 1939 - June 1940.

Thank you Martin for your precisions. Yes,it's possible it's Saint Philbert de Bouaine but note the diaries of N21AD indicated "23Feb DH89 GAEAM of N24 squadron (pilot F/O DL Mc Monnies) crashed at St Philbert (near Lac grand Lieu) when en route for Chateau Bougon"
" 24 Feb DH89 salved by N21 Aircraft Depot"

About The Bombay at Nantes, I saw a photo on Ebay. I'm sure that it taken by German troop at Nantes Chateau-Bougon. Note also that a Bombay with Demozay took of from Nantes before the arrival of German troops.
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