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Re: Loss of Lancaster LM523

There were 15 claims for Lancasters made for this date. They were:

Hptm. Wallner of L.Beo.St. 7 at 0119
Hptm Kurt Bonow of StabIII./NJG 5 at 0120
Hptm Karl Hadeball of 3./NJG 6 at 0140
Oblt. Heinz Schnaufer of StabIV./NJG 1 at 0140
Hptm Martin Drewes of StabIII./NJG 1 at 0148
Oblt Martin Becker of 2./NJG 6 at 0157
Oblt HErmann Greiner of 11./NJG 1 at 0158
Oblt Wilhelm Henseler of 1./NJG1 at 0158
Maj Hans-Joachim Jabs of Stab./NJG 1 at 0210
Hptm Kurt Bonow of StabIII./NJG 5 at 0210
Fhr Robert Schratter of 9./NJG 5 at 0210
Maj Wilhelm Herget of StabI./NJG 4 at 0250
Fw. Gunther Bahr of 3./NJG 6 at 0251
Hptm Heinz-Horst Hißbach of 5./NJG 2 at 0306
Ltn Erich Jung of 6./NJG 2 at 0310

It would be helpful if you could supply details of the crash time and location (if known)

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