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Re: Bf 109G-6 WNr. 164 979

The top line of the first column is "Ulkom." = From abroad"

8401 is Fieldpostnumber of Lentovarikko, Tampere, who received (at least on paper) all new aircraft. Similarly 8523 is Fieldpostnumber of HLeLv 24, which was subordinated to LeR 2 and received this Bf 109 same day.

LeV is not Lentolaivue, but Lentovarikko (Depot). Short of Lentolaivue is LLv or later in the war LeLv. 2VL is Lentovarikko facility at Kuorevesi (1VL is facility at Tampere).
The first column of date is surrender of the aircraft and the second column surrender of the aircraft documents.
LeV received this Bf 109 on 3.12.1948 from the Air Force and 2VL formally signed it to be received on 11.12.1948. In the meantime the aircraft was standing on an apron waiting the paperwork to be done.

After half a year repair the Bf 109 was again airworthy and surrendered by LeV 17.6.1949 to LeR 1, who formally signed it to be received 21.6.1949. During this repair the engine was changed. Total cost of the repair including engine change (but not overhaul or repair of the engine) was that 710643 mk.

Please note that the times are for the airframe, not for the engine. For engines there was a different accounting system.

The remarks are:
The aircraft was deleted from the accounts by decision of the Commander of the Air Force on 24.03.1953 (Letter IlmavE/Tekn-os, Nr. 3106/Lktsto/17/SLL/7 dated 7.4.1953).

These cards have often fairly incomplete content, but still will give some accurate facts for future research.

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