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ostvölkische Einheiten/eastern units of the Luftwaffe....

Beside the I. Kaukasische Luftwaffen-Feld Bataillon
[~ 1st Caucasian Airforce-Field Battalion], which is discussed here:

I have found some other ostvölkische Einheiten/eastern people units of the Luftwaffe

By the way there were some other other ground-units with eastern people within the Luftwaffe.
# 1.) Ost-Propaganda-Kompanie with the Luftflotte 6.
# 2.) Hilfswilligen-Propaganda-Kompanie with the Luftflotte 6.
# 3.) technische Kompanie (Ost) with the Luftflotte 6 at the airfield of Zadneprovje near Smolensk.

Furtheron there were some air-units with eastern people within the Luftwaffe.
# 1.) Fliegergruppe 'Holters' / aviacionnaja gruppa CO: ObstLt Holters & ObstLt Mal'cev.
# 2.) Ergänzungs-Nacht-Schlacht-Gruppe (ostv.) with the Luftflotte 1 in the Baltic.
# 3.) Nacht-Schlacht-Gruppe 11 (estn.) with 3 squadrons from October 1943 till October 1944.
# 4.) Nacht-Schlacht-Gruppe 12 (lett.) with 3 squadrons from March 1944 till October 1944.
# 5.) 1. Ost-Flieger-Staffel (russ.) December 1943 till July 1944.
# 6.) leichte Anti-Partisanen-Staffel in Belorussia.


Larry D.
I must admit that I've never heard of these two:

# 3.) technische Kompanie (Ost) with the Luftflotte 6 at the airfield of Zadneprow'e near Smolensk.
# 6.) leichte Anti-Partisanen-Staffel in Belorussia.

Do you have their Feldpostnummern or any information about them? #6 may be either the predecessor of 1. Ost-Flieger-St. (russ.) or an unofficial name for one of the Staffeln belonging to Fliegergruppe z.b.V. 7 (later Fliegergeschwader z.b.V. 7), which operated mostly in Belorussia. But #3 leaves me scratching my head. It sound like a Kompanie of former VVS personnel rounded up by Luftflotte 6 to repair and salvage Soviet aircraft or perhaps radio and other technical equipment that had been captured by the Germans. What do you think?

The leichte Anti-Partisanen-Staffel had 9 U2 at its strength. This was the only eastern Luftwaffe where some members deserted (without an aircraft) to the partisans into the woods of Belorussia.
Larry D.
Here is what I have on the 1. Ostfliegerstaffel. I do not have the name of the Staffelkapitän.

1. Ostfliegerstaffel

Formed mid-summer 1943 at Ostrov/50 km S of Pskov on the northern sector of the Russian Front, with Go 145s, Ar 66s, and Russian Po-2s, as a night harassment squadron (Nachtschlachtstaffel); initially designated 1. Freiw.Staffel ROA, and then as above from October 1943; the personnel were Soviet Air Force deserters and Russian volunteers taken from the PoW camps; replacement personnel were drawn from Ost-Flieger-Erg.Staffel/Erg.Nachtschlachtgruppe Ostland, which was based at Liepaja (Libau) in Latvia; operating under 3.Fliegerdivision, transferred to Daugavpils-West in Latvia Nov 43, and remained there until Mar 44 when it was ordered to Lida/180 km W of Minsk and reassigned to Fliegerführer 1/Luftflotte 6; disbanded at Lida in early Jul 44 and personnel sent to Ost-Flieger-Erg.Staffel and/or Fliegergruppe Holters; the Staffel flew at least 500 combat sorties during its relatively brief existence and is noteworthy in being the first experiment by the Germans to form an all-Russian air unit.
FpN: L 50374 (entered 28 Jan 44, deleted 19 act 44)

[Sources: Kannapin; Hoffmann – Vlasov; Dierich – Verbände der Luftwaffe; Karl Ries - Photo-Collection of Luftwaffe Emblemes, p.163; BA-MA Freiburg: Signatur RL 40/Kart; NARA WashDC: RG 242 (T-311 roll 228/491; other microfilm documents].


Who were CO's of the above mentioned units??


The very first aviation unit of eastern people within the Luftwaffe was:
I have found a different Eastern flying-unit within the Luftwaffe.
At least Major Filatow, Hauptmann Ripušinskij, Leutnant Pljuščew were pilots in the first ever eastern flying squadron from end of August 1942 and was active till February 1943.
Major Filatow acted as squadron leader.
This squadron was found in Osinowka/Osintorf in the near of Orša.

Filatow/Filatov ????
Ripušinskij/Ripushinsky ?????
Pljuščew(-Wlasenko), Boris P. was later personal Aide-de-Camp of GenMjr (ROA) Mal'cew


Any informations on this unit or about the officers

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MfG Michi
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