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Re: Weber & Wurmheller

Thanks for the report (Ahoj Ota!), I am wondering what caused so violent explosion, petrol fumes perhaps? Anyway, a confirmed kill in my opinion.
Concerning Weber - the airman who likely downed him, flew fighters since 1939, took part in Polish Campaign, then France and then Britain. Although scored only 5 victories (2,1/3-2-0), he was certainly a very experienced pilot with hundreds of hours of flying time.
On the other hand Weber flew in a definetelly new environment and it is my impression that the Germans never got any experience in flying and fighting in large formations - this resulting in scattering of formations. Otherwise, Eastern Front was quite a comfortable place for fighters - Soviet aircraft had poor altitude performance and this allowed Weber and other to fly above them - height advantage is one of the principles of air combat since Roland Garros or Immelmann. Another problem is level of skills of Soviet airmen but if you want to follow the last two points I suggest to move to another already existing threads.
As a side note, I have heard that an article was recently published in France, where author compares Hartmann claims to recorded Soviet losses (based on archival research). Reputedly not very impressive overclaim ratio.
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