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Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings - Color Chips


Additional follow up from Ken.

The comments Herr Zimer makes relate to information provided about the colour photos in the book, not the colour chips. The colour chips are 100% accurate, thanks to Jürgen Kiroff locating original chemicals and other ingredients for each colour to the original formulae, and then making the pigments using the original rolling machines. Thus not only the colour is 100% accurate, but also the actual surface finish. What the reader has on the colour charts is what was originally provided by the RLM to the paint manufacturing industry as the standard for each colour. What is also provided in the first volume, and will be augmented with the second volume, are a range of extra colour chips for colours that were used for purposes other than external camouflage - such as primer colours for metal and fabric, cabling, etc. If any super modeller wishes to paint a model following the original process, or a full size aircraft restorer, the colours can be laid down as per the original painting process. The object of this two volume work is to include colour chips for every possible colour used by the Luftwaffe, the NSKF and also the civil aircraft industry (which includes some company 'house' colours).

Also bear in mind that Ken, even though the author has yet to receive his copy of the book!!!

Hope this helps


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