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Same old story


I have read a number of your posts over the past months and have come to the conclusion you obviously have a problem with the R.A.F in general, or more specifically anything British or European.

You constantly undermine and berate anything relating to RAF Fighter Command, itís aircraft, its tactics and more importantly the airman who served in it.

You question any RAF related subject, and in a fashion unique to yourself (thankfully) you systematically set about to criticise and undermine the achievements of these men.

If you have nothing positive and original to say other than constant RAF bashing, keep it to yourself, I for one am bored with the constant whinging (sorry only us Britís do that)

If your bothered to look out from behind them blinkers you maybe surprised to find that the RAF did actually contribute to the defeat of the Luftwaffe, if but only in a minor capacity.

We are all aware of the limitations the RAF had in aircraft, tactics and new to me RAF airmanship. However we accept it, like we do the limitations of other airforces, however we donít keep sticking it down their throats.

Of interest, where do you live. ?